To register to a training course, you can:

  1. Complete the online pre-registration form by filling in the requested information. The registration form is available on each page of the training description (Example: registration form)
  2. Fill in the Contact form specifying the subject of your request
  3. Email
  4. Call +33(0)1 70 36 56 57

A sales representative will contact you within 24 hours of the request to study your need and advise you. A questionnaire will be sent to you to confirm the need as well as the positioning of the trainee in relation to this need. Administrative information will be requested in order to be able to prepare and send you the contract that allows you to finalize the registration.

We ask you to complete and sign a quotation form for inter-company training or a commercial proposition for intra-company training. The signature must be made by an authorized person and must be accompanied, for companies, by the stamp. The electronic signature is accepted. No later than 3 working days after reception of the signed documents, a convention with the detailed program is sent by email or Docusign. A convocation confirming the registration is sent to you within 24 hours after receiving back the signed convention (The trainee is the recipient, and the administrative contact is in copy). The convocation includes all organizational information (Date, time, location) and a reminder of the prerequisites.

The convocation for virtual classes also specifies the tool used and the configuration to be set up. An invitation to the videoconference meeting will be sent only to the trainee a few days before the start of the training.

Registration deadlines

Registration for most inter-company training courses is possible up to 1 working day before the start of the training if there are still seats available. Otherwise, we will offer you other training sessions.  Some training courses have a longer access time. Please refer to the page of each training in the Practical Information tab for more details.

The time frame required to organize an intra-company training depends on customer’s and our instructors’ availability. An average of 1 month should be considered, but this time frame varies depending on the period.

Financial conditions

The price for services is defined in the proposition.

For intra-company trainings, travel and accommodation costs of our instructor outside the Paris region are charged in addition. The conditions are specified in the proposition.

Registration for an inter-company training session entitles you to a voucher to pass the corresponding certification exam. The voucher, valid for 6 to 12 months, is sent to the trainee on request, at no additional cost. Note that this offer is valid for only one voucher per certification; If you register for multiple courses preparing for the same certification, you will be entitled to only one free voucher.

Coffee breaks and lunch are offered in the inter-company sessions.

Additional expenses are charged in addition and are described in the proposition.

Prices indicated are in Euro and free of tax. They are increased by tax at the applicable rate on the day of invoicing.

Postponement and cancellation

The customer can replace registered participants in a training course at no cost. The compensatory indemnities for changes of date or cancellations are:

– For date changes or cancellations occurring between 15 and 6 working days before the class date, we will charge you compensation of 50% of the amount ordered.

– For changes of date or cancellations less than 6 working days before the class date as well as in case of no-show at the training, we will charge you compensatory indemnities of 100% of the amount ordered.

El-Institut reserves the right to cancel the session if the number of participants is insufficient or in the event of a situation of force majeure. In such a case EI-Institut undertakes to reimburse you or register you for the next session.


At the end of the training:

➢ A certificate of participation is given to the trainee

➢ The attendance sheets signed by the trainees and the instructor, per half-day of training in the case of in person training or the certificate of attendance signed by the trainee and the training organization in the case of the virtual class are sent to the customer 1 to 3 days after the end of the training

In the case of subrogation, these documents are also sent to the concerned OPCO

➢ The evaluation completed by the trainee is sent to the customer  1 to 3 days after the end of the training

Accessibility for people with disabilities

We run our inter-company sessions at Espace Formeret in Paris. This center has access for people with reduced mobility and our teams are available to best support trainees with disabilities.

Laure PIERRE, is your principal contact representing the handicap referent. You can reach her at the following  email  address She will be able  to study your request and provide you with a personalized answer according to your needs.

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