2023 Overall Customer Satisfaction: 4.8/5

EI-Institut training courses are led by trainers from Cognizant Group who are duly qualified and certified in their teaching area.

EI-Institut’s training originated from our instructors’ project experience which gives a pragmatic approach to our training courses and insures an experience feedback highly appreciated by our students. For example, we led more than 1,000 projects covering Sales Cloud (sales forces), Service Cloud (customer care), Marketing Cloud (marketing services), Analytics Cloud (analytic), Community Cloud (communities) & App Cloud (specific business solutions) areas.

EI-Institut has developed an implementation methodology based on 6 principles on which can lean on a daily basis their 320 specialized consultants most of whom are certified. EI-Institut has an internal expertise platform and a Salesforce nearshore implementation one.

Our instructors are also selected for their excellent teaching skills and are accredited by the software editor on the subject they deliver.

EI-Institut’s training has an operational goal : trainees find concrete answers and directly exploitable knowledge.

EI-Institut trains about 2,000 project managers, developers and consultants every year.

The number of trainees by session is limited in order to assure substantial interaction with the instructor.

EI-Institut sets up a follow-up of the trainee which makes it possible to support and follow the beneficiary throughout the service. This follow-up includes:

1 – The evaluation of the trainee and the adequacy of the need during the application for registration in order to verify the prerequisites, the level of knowledge of the trainee and check whether the objectives of the training meet the expected need

2 – Going around the table at the beginning of the training

3 – The evaluation and follow-up of the trainees during the training which aims to follow the evolution of each participant during the training and detect any problems they may encounter.

EI-Institut training center even provides the assistance needed to prepare for and earn the certifications related to the training courses received.