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The accredited fund collection agencies (Organismes Paritaires Collecteurs Agréés, OPCA) are responsible for collecting, mutualizing and redistributing the companies’ compulsory contributions to vocational training. They are accredited and controlled by the state. They apply branch lists prioritization for vocational training. In addition to this primary financial purpose, some OPCAs provide support and consulting services to companies and employees in the branch list: help in the emergence of skills needs, build global employment training solutions, support and manage their implementation.

EI-Institut is a training organization registered under the number 11 92 20215 92. In application of the training Decree Law number 2015-790 relating to the control of the quality of the trainings delivered, all OPCAs have set up a common procedure to reference training organizations using the Datadock database. EI-Institut is referenced in Datadock.

Training courses provided by the EI-Institut training center can be funded by your OPCA

We remain at your disposal for any information you may need about the funding for your training and to help you set up a file.