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What’s an OPCO

In application of the law of september 5th 2018 for the « Freedom to choose his professional future », 11 competence operators (OPCO), in charge of supporting the professional training, have been accredited. They replace previous accredited fund collection agencies (OPCA). The missions of these operators are to finance learning, help to build the professional certifications, and assist small and medium-sized companies to define their needs in training.

EI-Institut is a training organization eligible for OPCO funding

EI-Institut is a registrated training organization. In application of the training Decree Law number 2015-790 relating to the control of the quality of the trainings delivered, all OPCOs have set up a common procedure to reference training organizations using the Datadock database. EI-Institut is referenced in Datadock.

The law of September 5th 2018 strengthens the system in order to guarantee a better quality of services. Since January 1st 2022, the QUALIOPI certification replaced the Datadock certification. Training organizations that wish to continue to benefit from public funds must obtain the QUALIOPI certification issued by certifying organizations authorized by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) or by a labeling authority recognized by France compétences, based on the national quality reference.

EI-Institut is certified QUALIOPI for the actions category “Training Actions”.

Training courses provided by EI-Institut training center can be funded by your OPCO.


La certification Qualiopi a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’actions : Actions de formation

The funding request

To obtain the total or partial funding of your training you must submit your request to your OPCO. Among the information requested and that we can communicate is:

  • The reference of the training organization (COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS France : Tour Ariane, 5 Place de la Pyramide, 92800 PUTEAUX, SIRET : 479 145 419 000 20)
  • Registration number is 11756554475. This registration does not constitute State approval
  • The training Program
  • The duration and price of the training

The OPCO analyzes your request and gives you an answer.

When submitting your request, you can choose the subrogation payment option. If the file is accepted and you have chosen this option, Cognizant will invoice the OPCO directly. If the file is accepted and you have not made the request for a payment subrogation, we will send you an invoice and provide you with the necessary documents so you can be reimbursed by your OPCO.

If the funding request is refused by the OPCO, the company undertakes to make the payment of the training.

We remain at your disposal for any information you may need about the funding for your training and to help you set up a file.