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In application of the law of 5 september 2018 for the « Freedom to choose his professional future », 11 competence operators (OPCO), in charge of supporting the professional training, have been accredited. They replace previous accredited fund collection agencies (OPCA). The missions of these operators are to finance learning, help to build the professional certifications, and assist small and medium-sized companies to define their needs in training. Until the date of entry into force of the measures relating to collection by the URSSAF or the MSA, and at the latest on 31 December 2020, the OPCO are accredited to collect training contributions from companies.

EI-Institut is a training organization registered under the number 11 92 20215 92. In application of the training Decree Law number 2015-790 relating to the control of the quality of the trainings delivered, all OPCOs have set up a common procedure to reference training organizations using the Datadock database. EI-Institut is referenced in Datadock.

Training courses provided by the EI-Institut training center can be funded by your OPCO.

We remain at your disposal for any information you may need about the funding for your training and to help you set up a file.