EI-Institut offers a catalogue of official training courses. We also provide several additional modules designed by our instructors to cover peripheral aspects not covered by the official modules.

Our entire training catalogue is available either in inter-company or in intra-company mode. Training can be carried out face-to-face or virtually.  The training sessions can simultaneously accommodate face-to-face and distance trainees (Hybrid classes). 

Inter-company training

Inter-company training sessions are held in our partner facilities Formeret in Paris, in virtual mode or hybrid mode. The program and timetable are predefined.

In order to promote exchanges and ensure a good quality of training, EI-Institut hosts up to 12 participants per session.

Intra-company training

Intra-company training sessions can be held either in your premises, in our partner facilities Formeret in Paris, in virtual mode or hybrid mode, but anyway, they will be totally dedicated to you. Would you like to acquire specific skills or focus on all or part of the content of our courses? You can’t mobilize your teams for 5 consecutive days? We will work with you to build the training program that meets your needs, within your time, budget and logistics constraints.

Pedagogical engineering & Tailored training

Our double expertise (training/integration) allows us to support our customers in handling Salesforce. In the context of quick and frequent changes, the accompaniment of users should help to reduce considerably the psychological barriers or resistances imposed by the arrival of a new tool. User training must be designed in a comprehensive manner and contain elements that promote the adoption of new usages beyond the simple handling of the new tool.

With our proven design methodology and trainings part of a Change management approach, we carry out more impactful trainings, allowing users to make the link between use and benefits, meaning and motivation.

2 training formats

The in person training

The in person inter-company training is held in the premises of our partner Formeret in Paris.

A high-end computer equipped with the software requirements for the course is provided to each participant. A flipchart, a videoprojector and a projection screen are available in the training room.

A welcome break is offered, with coffee, tea, orange juice and cakes in individual bags.

Meals are organized in one of the partner restaurants located near the facility where the training is held. They must be booked when registering.

In person intra-company training sessions are organized in the premises of your company or the premises of our partner Formeret in Paris. For trainings in your premises, you will receive a set up configuration guide before the start date of the course.

The virtual class

The virtual class (or remote class) offers an effective alternative for companies that want to limit the travel of their employees and the related costs.

The virtual class allows you to attend a training from any place.

Interactive and in real time, it is driven with an adapted videoconferencing platform and accessible from the web browser. The content and conduct of the training are similar to that of the in person training:

  • Participants exchange directly with the instructor and trainees,
  • Group work is possible,
  • The instructor can take control of the trainee’s computer if there is a need to troubleshoot or to check an exercise. The access is only possible if the trainee authorizes it.

In order to be able to follow the virtual training, the trainee must be equipped with a computer and an internet connection with sufficient speed. Headphones and a second screen are optional tools to optimize the learning experience.

The possible formats of each training course are specified in thePractical Information section of each module. The class can be hybrid if the 2 face-toface and virtual formats are indicated. When the choice of format is possible, it must be made at registration and change will be possible up to 5 working days before the beginning of the training. Only one choice is possible for the entire duration of the training.